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Friday, November 6
Dimitri Shashkin meets EU Ambassadors

Minister of Penitentiary and Legal Assistance Dimitri Shashkin met Ambassadors of European Union member countries on November 5. The implementation of the new wave of democratic reforms in Georgia was discussed. Of particular interest were the drafting of a new constitution, strengthening the independent judiciary, electoral reform, encouraging the development of political institutions, a new law on chamber of control, strengthening institutional guarantees for opposition participation in governance and facilitating media pluralism.

The Minister also updated the Ambassadors on the ongoing correctional reforms and the new draft Code of Imprisonment which focuses on convicts’ rehabilitation and integration into society as well as improving the Probation Service.

“Georgia and the EU are now starting to cooperate. The August war and cooperation within the framework of the Eastern Partnership are among the manifestations of this cooperation,” Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Georgia Andreas Tuvesson stated. (Interpressnews)

BSEC Foreign Ministers meet in Baku

A meeting between the Ministers of Communication and Information Technology of the member states of the Organisation of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) was held in Baku on November 4, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia says. The Ministerial meeting was preceded by a preparatory meeting of the BSEC Working Group (WG) on Communications and Information Technology.

The Georgian delegation at the meeting was led by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development George Karbelashvili, who addressed the audience on behalf of Minister of Economic Development Zurab Pololikashvili. The head of Georgian delegation condemned the fact that the Russian Federation has violated the norms and principles of international law and acts of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) by willfully granting separate international number codes to the so-called "Republic of Abkhazia", when Abkhazia and South Ossetia are both integral parts of Georgia, as recognised by UN relevant resolutions, the EU and the international community.

Karbelashvili remind the meeting of Russia's large scale military aggression against Georgia in August 2008 and described Russia’s illegal actions as a continuation of its annexation of Georgia. He expressed the hope that this fact will be properly evaluated by BSEC member states. At the same time he kindly requested that all the delegations prevent these illegal actions and encourage relevant authorised organizations to conduct international telephone calls to Abkhazia, Georgia and South Ossetia/Tskhinvali Region, Georgia only with the international codes of Georgia.

The participants adopted the Declaration of the Ministers in Charge of Communications and Information Technologies of the BSEC Member States and approved the report of the meeting. (Interpressnews)

Georgia denies incident took place at Armenian border

The Georgian Border Guard denies that any incident has taken place on the Georgian-Armenian border. It also denies that Zaza Gogava has been seen there, as its Public Relations Department told Interpressnews.

Reports of an incident taking place at Georgian-Armenian border have been spread by Armenian and Azerbaijani agencies, who have said that the Armenians had been trying to put up frontier posts but had been prevented by the Georgians. Georgian servicemen had allegedly arrived at the scene after this confrontation.

”The situation was so serious that the heads of the Border Services of Armenia and Georgia arrived, though things later calmed down,”the Azerbaijani and Armenian agencies reported. (Interpressnews)

Russia accuses Georgia of getting arms from NATO, Ukraine and Israel

Alexander Shliakhturov, head of the Intelligence Department of Russia, has stated that Georgia is till getting arms and military equipment from Ukraine, Israel and NATO, the Azerbaijani Trend News agency reports.

“According to our information, Georgia is still getting military aid from Ukraine, Israel and NATO. NATO countries, especially Eastern European countries, provide Georgia with arms and equipment, Israel provides Georgia with air equipment, the USA trains Georgian troops and Ukraine provides Georgia with heavy equipment, namely, tanks,” Shliakhturov stated.

Shliakhturov said that the Russian Intelligence Service is paying special attention to South Ossetia and Abkhazia and Georgia’s attitude towards these regions. “The Russian Intelligence Service is addressing other dangers too, namely, the efforts being made by the USA and NATO to bring Georgia and Ukraine into the alliance and the new US plan to locate anti-rocket systems in Europe," Shliakhturov stated. (Interpressnews)

Family of injured man asks for help

The family of Giorgi Kiparoidze, 23, one of the two survivors of the horrible car crash in Igoeti village, has asked the Ministry of Health and Social Care for assistance. The family is in the list of the vulnerable, and therefore cannot afford the two operations necessary to save the injured man.

The road accident occurred on November 2 in the village of Igoeti. A trailer crashed into a minibus on the opposite side of the road killing nine passengers. (Rustavi 2)

Conservative Party accuses President of controlling judiciary

The Conservative Party has accused the President’s Administration of interfering in the work of the courts. Kakha Kukava of the party has said that a judge at Gori regional court sent the verdict on the case of former Shida Kartli Governor Mikheil Kareli to the President’s Administration. “This proves that Mikheil Saakashvili gave the order to punish his political opponent,” Kukava said, presenting a piece of paper which he said was evidence proving Saakashvili’s interference in the activities of the law courts.

Kukava has asked the Supreme Council of Justice to begin a disciplinary investigation of the judge Nikoloz Marsagishvili and dismiss him. The Gori regional court ruled on the case of Mikheil Kareli on March 25, 2009 and sentenced him to 16 years in jail. (Rustavi 2)