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Do you think your gas heating system is safe?

Friday, November 6
“I can’t be 100 percent sure, but I hope it is safe. Anyway I try to always have one window open so that air can circulate in the house.”
Nina, housewife, 44

“In the shop where I bought it, they told me it was safe. I did not do any special checking, just trusted what they told me. I bought the gas heater two years ago and it has worked fine so far, thank God.”
Tsiala, teacher, 53

“Yes it is safe; I read the instructions very carefully before buying it. I guess everyone should be very attentive when the heater is on. Ventilation in the house is absolutely necessary.”
Rezo, engineer, 37

“Nobody can be completely sure about the safety of their heating system and this is a very scary fact. I am extremely sorry for this family’s tragedy [four members of a family died of gas poisoning two days ago]. As we are not sure we should try to pay great attention, and if we smell something like gas we should open the windows and turn it off.”
Nana, nurse, 33

“I am not sure, and that’s why I do not use a gas heating system because it is very dangerous. We use electric heating. This is more expensive but on the other hand much safer than gas.”
Shota, IT specialist, 28

“We have wood heating which is safe and comfortable. Gas is very expensive and also dangerous. I feel totally safe.”
Guram, taxi driver, 61

“I think the safety of heating systems depends on the heater itself. It is well known that the one brand of heater was very dangerous and we have had cases in Tbilisi when several dozen people died due to it. However, we have a different one in our family and I think it is safe because I have never heard of anyone being damaged by one of these. We have had it for six years and fortunately are still alive.”
Maka, housewife, 48

“I am not sure and I am very afraid, as winter is coming soon and we will have to use heaters. We have gas heaters at home and I think they are safe, however we always keep a small window open in the room where the heater is and never keep it on at night.”
Tamuna, student, 20