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Electricity export issues

By Messenger Staff
MOnday, November 9
Recently Georgia has been exporting much of its electricity abroad, mostly to Turkey. However the price it sells it for has been kept strictly confidential. Analyst in energy issues Davit Ebralidze thinks that electricity export prices are around 2-3 tetri per kilowatt where sold but becomes much more expensive at the border, the difference being taken by intermediary companies.

Exports of electricity in the 3rd quarter of 2009 increased considerably over the same period of last year. In fact electricity became one of the top five Georgian export products at this time. Minister of Energy Alexander Khetaguri has stated that Georgia is exporting to its neighbours in all four directions, meaning that it is sending its electricity to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia as well.

Ebralidze estimates that according to the information he possesses the State does not make much profit from the electricity exported and private businesses mostly benefit from these sales.