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Did you take part in the November 7th demonstration, and if so, why?

Monday, November 9
I didnt take part in the demonstration. In Spring I promised myself never to go out with the opposition leaders because their attempts are in vain. They were just wasting time, so I decided not to go to the protest on November 7, in spite of the fact that what happened two years ago at TV Imedi was terrible.
Lana, teacher, 48

I wasnt aiming to go there, but I happened to be there and stayed on Rustaveli Avenue for a while. The reason for this was that November 7, 2007 was a big mistake by the Government.
Lasha, sociologist, 23

No I wasnt at the demonstration on November 7. I think the people are tired of all these protests. The opposition should have seen already that what they do, I mean organise street demonstrations, cannot bring success to them. If they want freedom of speech and to stop violations, let them chose another way to fight against them.
Dato, philologist, 25

I went there because I was interested in what was going on. I went there after I saw on TV that the police were beating up the demonstrators. I felt like I was in a movie, I could not believe it was reality.
Levan, economist, 25

I did not participate in it. I never participate in any rallies. Unfortunately the day turned very bad. I was ashamed to see the Georgian police firing at Georgian citizens. It was an awful scene.
Lali, unemployed, 44

I participated and got poisoned with that gas Saakashvili used against peaceful people. It was my duty to be there and I am proud that I stood with my people on November 7. We should defend our country; nobody else will do it instead of us.
Neli, pensioner, 63

I did not take part in the demonstration on November 7, because I do not believe in the opposition parties in Georgia and I am sure they will be the same if they come to power.
Nodar, writer, 42

Yes, I took part in the demonstration, as something must change in our country and the Government should see they cannot do whatever they want.
Ketevan, pensioner, 56