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How far does your salary meet your needs?

Tuesday, November 10
It is not much, but I am trying to manage what I have properly. Usually my salary is enough to keep me for a month. Many people do not have jobs in Georgia, so I dont think I should complain.
Keti, journalist, 26

I am trying to adjust my needs to my salary. I buy things and food I can afford. Of course I would like to have a luxury car and trendy clothes, but right now they are not available to me unfortunately.
Tsira, lawyer, 30

It is absolutely not enough. I am a teacher, and what I get as a salary is only enough for half a month, and then I have to ask my daughters for money. I think this is very shameful, but it is the reality.
Dodo, teacher, 56

It is not enough for me, there are no adequate salaries in Georgia, we have to work hard but our salaries are never satisfactory,
Gia, driver, 41

My salary is enough for me. At present I have no family, I mean a wife and children. My parents have jobs. I work for one of the banks and I am satisfied with my salary.
Nia, economist, 25

My salary is not enough for me. My husband has no job at the present moment and I have to keep the family.
Lia, music teacher, 34
v We always want to have a bigger salary, but we have to be satisfied with whatever we get. Nothing else can be done.
Giga, distributor, 31

I have changed my job and I am getting twice as much as I used to get in my previous job. I am quite happy and excited about this. I think this salary will be enough for almost all my needs.
Tengo, insurance agent, 26