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How much time in total do you spend watching news and current events on TV, and which station do you usually watch?

Wednesday, November 11
“I watch Rustavi 2, it’s the most professional channel in Georgia, always first to get the news. I can’t say I trust it, however it’s the best channel that exists in Georgia for now.”
Eter, 45, cook

“I have my TV on all day long, it is like a habit. I might not be watching it at all, but as soon as I come home from work I turn it on and it stays on all evening, while I am doing other things. My TV is on all day.”
Maka, accountant, 24

“I don’t watch TV, instead I spend all my time sitting at the computer. I think you can find a lot more information on the internet than on TV, and also I can choose what I want to watch or read on the internet, unlike the TV.”
Giorgi, student, 19

“I watch news mainly. I think there is not a big choice on Georgian TV, except for the news programmes.”
Vazha, businessman, 50

“Actually I do not spend too much time on news, only in the evenings. I usually watch Russian stations TNT and CTC.”
Oliko, diplomat, 41

“In total I spend 4 hours a day watching news. I prefer to watch news blocks about current events and also the economic news. My favourite channels are Rustavi 2 and Imedi and my favorite programs are Courier and Business Courier.”
Natalia, economist, 36

“I do not watch TV at all, I have no time for that.”
Yana, financier,39

“When I want to watch the news, I watch only the BBC and CNN because their news items are presented better than the others.”
Maia, Administration Manager, 32

“I don’t watch TV at all, the quality of news is awful, so I prefer to get information from the internet.”
David, 23, student