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Changes in customs code

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, November 12
The 5% customs duty on imported products has been abolished in Georgia. Items previously taxed at 5% will now be taxed at 12% or not at all.

The 5% tax group of products contains several items: fresh pork, pieces of frozen pork, cheese, cottage cheese, avocados, mangoes and peanut oil. Avocados, mangoes and peanut oil will be zero taxed as not many of these are imported into Georgia and thus the budget will not have any problems digesting the lack of tax. The other items however will now be taxed by 12%. Some other products will also be taxed at 12% but so far a list of such products is not available.

If the Government really wants to facilitate agricultural production in Georgia it should certainly elaborate a taxation system which will encourage local farmers and businessmen to grow those products which can be cultivated domestically.