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Which media sources do you trust the most?

Thursday, November 12
“I do not trust any of them. I actually find all the Breaking News stories quite amusing. We do not search for the truth anymore.”
Nino, economist, 35

“Personally I trust the newspaper sources because I can trust that most news is reported fairly and accurately, but must also remember that the media are very pro-Government and there may be other aspects deliberately left out of the story.”
Marina, painter, 41

“The most trusted media source for me is the TV because I can see what is happening in the world.”
David, lawyer, 25

“No, I do not trust the media. I feel that to create a story, the media will say whatever they need to say to create that story.”
Valeri, programmer, 29

“I trust newspapers mostly, all the TV channels are biased. But unfortunately I cannot afford to buy a newspaper every day, so I buy weekly ones.”
Tsitso, teacher, 50

“I used to trust Rustavi 2 but it has turned into the most subjective TV station in Georgia. It is a great pity. Now I don’t know which one to trust. I just watch and read everything I can and then summarise for myself whatever I hear in order to draw some conclusions.”
Gela, cardiologist, 46

“I think the Public Broadcaster is trying to keep some balance at least. I always watch its news programmes. Anyway it is better than any other media outlet in Georgia.”
Givi, pensioner, 64

“All of them are biased in some way. The opposition has its own channels and the Government has its. The people who are harmed by this are the ordinary citizens, who just want to know what the truth is.”
Natela, biologist, 68