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Friday, November 13
Tycoons from Belarus visit Georgia

A group of leading businessmen from Belarus attended a bilateral business forum in Tbilisi’s Radisson hotel yesterday, where they expressed their interest in studying the business environment in Georgia. The forum was organised by the National Investment Agency and the Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

Chairman of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce Jemal Inaishvili said the forum was a continuation of existing bilateral cooperation.

“We held our first forum in Minsk last year. The delegation members have specific proposals and plans concerning Georgia. They are interested in opening joint enterprises in Georgia and investing money in free industrial zones and want to know the terms Georgia offers investors. They have questions about import-export procedures,” Inaishvili said.

Chairman of the Belarus Chamber of Trade and Commerce Vasil Romanov said the meeting was of an introductory character. “We plan to look into the economic platform in Georgia,” Romanov said, adding that the implementation of specific programmes would begin after the sides sign contracts in specific sectors.

The delegation will stay in Tbilisi for two days. After this they will visit Poti. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian doctors receive recommendations for fighting H1N1flu virus

World Health Organisation recommendations for fighting the H1N1 virus in Georgia have been introduced to heads of clinics assembled in the Healthcare Ministry. Under these recommendations, all clinics should work as normal, medical staff should not panic and all patients should be seen. In cases of non-pandemic flu patients will receive ordinary medical treatment, although if examination shows that the number of pandemic flu virus cases is alarming mobilisation will be carried out in two hours and appropriate medicines will be delivered to all clinics in Georgia.

The Georgian Healthcare Ministry has also released special information stickers advising citizens how to protect themselves from the H1N1flu virus. These urge them to go to the doctor immediately the flu virus manifests itself. Representatives of the Ministry say that it has enough medicine to treat the virus. (Rustavi 2)

Ex-Speaker’s position is irreconcilable

“There are a negotiating and an irreconcilable opposition. We intend to form an irreconcilable front, the organisation of which is proceeding intently,” Nino Burjanadze said at a special briefing held on Wednesday.

The leader of Democratic Movement - United Georgia expressed her gratitude to those who had participated in the November 7 opposition protest rallies. She added that she sees no sense in running for election under the present Government. The opposition leader intends to continue to fight to change the Government by other constitutional methods. (Rustavi 2)

Erosi Kitsmarishvili joins Maestro

Former Ambassador of Georgia to Russia and former Director General of Rustavi 2 Erosi Kitsmarishvili is going to work for the Maestro TV company. This information was confirmed to Interpressnews by General Director of the channel Mamuka Ghlonti, though he didn’t specify what Kitsmarishvili’s position would be.

Ghlontin also didn’t confirm that journalist Tamar Rukhadze would be appointed as Chief Producer and Nana Lezhava as Head of the News Service. Tamar Rukhadze told Interpressnews that she had not received or discussed any such proposal. (Interpressnews)

Man arrested for killing his brother

Officers of the Shida Kartli Regional Main Division of the Ministry of the Interior have detained previously convicted man Elguja Iarganashvili (born 1975), on charges of murdering his brother Guram Sukhitashvili with a knife in his own house in the village of Karaleti in Gori on November 8. The victim died at the scene from multiple injuries.

Elguja Iarganashvili, who left the crime scene, was detained by police on November 11. An investigation has been launched under Article 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (Rustavi 2)