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Do you think there is any point in Georgia attending the Geneva discussions?

Friday, November 13
“Well, it is very bad that these meetings bring no certain results, but we should not forget that this is the only way we can have contact with the Abkhazians, Ossetians and Russians. We do not have the illusion that every problem will be resolved at once but dialogue is still necessary.”
Tazo, student, 23

“I think the Geneva discussions will not bring any results because neither side will compromise its interests.”
Mzia, housewife, 41

“The Geneva discussions are pointless, because the diplomats of both countries represent the political wills of their Presidents, and those Presidents, Russia’s in particular, exclude holding any kind of talks with each other!”
Salome, teacher, 34

“I do not think that the Geneva discussions will be useful or achieve any results because neither side wants to compromise and both Presidents refuse to talk.”
Elizabeth, teacher, 51

“Certainly there is no point in Georgia attending the Geneva discussions and I think it is very ridiculous to talk about there being one, because we know how previous discussions have ended.”
Elene, lawyer, 44

“In my opinion there will be no results, but I hope that something may improve. We know that whatever happens, happens for the best!”
Tatiana, lecturer, 39

“So far I have not seen any results emerging from these discussions. I was hoping that after the Geneva talks that the Georgian children would be released from prison, but again negotiations failed. So what’s the point?”
Lasha, accountant, 35

“We have very bad relations with Russia now, and rejecting participation in these negotiations would worsen them even more. I think the Geneva talks don’t spoil anything, even though they do not bring any good either.”
Tamta, student, 22

“I do not know anything about these discussions, I have no idea about their advantages or disadvantages, but I have heard that the 8th round of these talks has ended with no results, so if eight rounds have had no results, is there any sense in having a 9th?”
Kakha, lawyer, 24