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Do you think Alexander Ebralidze has any chance of being elected Georgian President?

Monday, November 16
“I do not think Ebralidze has any chance of becoming Georgia’s President and it is quite unclear why he is so self-confident. As far as I know he is not even a Georgian citizen, and this does not give him the right to become President.”
Zviad, pensioner, 67

“He gives such promises to the Georgian people that one might think about voting for him in spite of his reputation. When a man promises you he will regain the lost territories and have a good relationship with Russia and that there will be no war, you automatically think about it.”
Marika, housewife, 32

“I do not care what he is saying because everything is clear - he is The Kremlin’s candidate and if Georgia ends up in his hands we will lose our independence and The Kremlin will rule our country. It is better for him not to have such illusions and forget dreams about Georgia’s Presidency.”
Irakli, student, 22

“I think it is a little frivolous for a person not known by almost everybody in Georgia to make a claim for the Georgian Presidency. I think he has a chance but not a very big one.”
Maia, lecturer, 35

“This person tells us that he has enough force to take realistic steps for territorial unification. But where is the guarantee that everything he says will happen and not the contrary? I do not trust him and I hope he has no chance of being elected Georgian president.”
Neli, housewife, 63

“If someone voted for him he/she would be pro-Russian, no one else would vote for him. It’s better to have Georgia in this condition rather than have Putin’s guy here in Tbilisi.”
Kakha, bank employee, 26

“He has no chance of being elected because he is not very well known to the public and the public does not trust his words, I am sure.”
Mari, teacher, 45

“He makes such promises that one could hardly refuse to vote for him. He paints the country of Georgian’s dreams, with the territories regained and so on. I think IDPs who hear this person may think of voting for him, why not? These people are displaced from their homes and have to live in terrible conditions. They want to return to their homes and homelands and it is quite natural. Everyone has seen that Saakashvili’s promise to Abkhazians failed, and moreover his irresponsible actions made so many people IDPs last year. So I do not exclude that Ebralidze will gain supporters here.”
Tsisana, economist, 57