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There is room for 1 million sheep in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 17
Georgian sheep breeding, which for the last 20 years has been in a dire situation, has all of a sudden started booming. Over the last few months Georgia has exported to Arab countries almost 200,000 sheep. President Saakashvili is very happy and thinks that in coming years sheep breeding will develop even further.

“The more sheep go from Georgia, the more pleased I am,” Saakashvili says. The same mood is observed at the Ministry of Agriculture. It thinks that selling large quantities of Georgian sheep will facilitate the development of industry and the agricultural sector in particular.

Economic analyst Paata Koghuashvili thinks however that interesting this process might be sheep breeding has certain limits in Georgia. He thinks that the maximum number of sheep Georgian farmers can afford to breed is around 1 million. It is impossible to breed more here because the available land area is so small, so this process needs to be cleverly regulated.