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How would you assess Georgia’s participation with NATO countries in Afghanistan military operations?

Wednesday, November 18
“If Georgia wants to be part of the international community it should participate in such missions. We got quite big support from foreign countries, including NATO member states, during and after the August war. Now it is time to express our gratitude for this.”
Levan, PR manager, 27

“I am worried for every single soldier who is in the conflict zones outside Georgia. The mission is peaceful; however it is a dangerous mission in fact. Afghanistan is now facing terror and violence. I wish our soldiers good luck. God bless them.”
Neli, teacher, 39

“I don’t know why we are sending troops to Afghanistan when we have unsolved conflicts in Georgia. First we should deal with our own problems before dealing with other peoples’ issues. I don’t think several hundred Georgian soldiers can change the situation in Afghanistan.”
Keti, biologist, 41

“It is good that we participate in international developments and are not isolated. This is a difficult mission but beneficial for Georgia.”
Lado, economist, 30

“Well it is not an easy question as we have two different things which should be taken into account. On one side these are our soldiers and no one’s life is secure, but on the other side this will give them huge experience and training. Moreover, if we have ambitions to become a NATO member we should fulfill our obligations.”
Vakhtang, accountant, 52

“I am strongly against this and think that we do not have enough soldiers to sent to a foreign country. Just a simple question - why? Why should we help them when they did not help us when there was a need of it? I do not see any reason for our guys to be send to Afghanistan for such a long time.”
Nino, housewife, 58