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Thursday, November 19
Davit Bakradze – Georgia will try to give full information to Belarusians

The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia hopes that Belarus’ choice will be made easier when it sees the truth of what is going on in Georgia.

Bakradze said that the issue of choosing between legality and illegality, violence and peace was stressed at a meeting with the delegation of Belarusian Deputies. “I think that if they see that Georgia is on the side of principles of international law, they will make an easier choice,” Bakradze stated.

“Our aim was to convince them of our truth,” Bakradze stated, “and also convince them that it is not about making a choice between Russia and Georgia; it is about making choice between international law and illegality, between peace and violence. I think that if they see that Georgia stands on the side of international law and truth it will be much easier for them to make a choice,” Bakradze told journalists.

The Belarusian deputies also plan to visit the occupied regions. (Interpressnews)

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General's Office denies Ukraine illegally provided Georgia with weapons

Ukraine did not illegally provide Georgia with weapons, its Deputy Prosecutor-General, Renat Kuzmin has said, as reported by Russian agencies.

“As a ban on providing Georgia with weapons was never imposed, it’s impossible to talk about illegality. But there are questions about who sold the weapons to Georgia and at what price,” the Deputy Prosecutor-General stated.

Kuzmin said that citizens of Ukraine were in Georgia during the August war 2008, but what they were doing there has not been ascertained. “There were Ukrainian servicemen and civilians in Georgia during the war, though they allege that they didn’t take part in the war itself. They may be telling the truth, they may be lying, but this must be investigated on the territory of Georgia too, though the matter is beyond my competence,” the Deputy Prosecutor-General stated. (Interpressnews)

Aleksandre Kvitashvili – No panic in population over swine flu

There is no panic in the population of Georgia over the so-called swine flu,Healthcare Minister Aleksandre Kvitashvili told journalists after yesterday’s Government session.

Kvitashvili said that there are and will be cases of flu infection and it’s impossible to stop this, but the Georgian healthcare system is fully prepared. Kvitashvili called on everyone to seek medical attention in case of shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing and high temperature. (Interpressnews)

Occupiers arrest European tourists

Russian occupiers have detained a group of European tourists. The two Polish reporters and tourists from Germany, France and Latvia were travelling to Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia.

An Abkhazian border guard, Tariel Samanchia, promised to help them cross the administrative boundary line, however, Russian soldiers arrested them after they had passed the Enguri Bridge when they failed to produce Russian visas. (Rustavi 2)

Giorgi Isakadze to be questioned about Imedi

A court will question Vice-President of the Georgian Business Association Giorgi Isakadze concerning the incorporation of Imedi TV in the name of Joseph Kay. Lasha Birkaia, a lawyer representing Badri Patarkatsishvili’s family, said this at a press conference at the Tbilisi Marriott yesterday.

Birkaia said that Gogi Jaoshvili, the former owner of 70% of the shares of GMG Consulting Group which owned Imedi, has filed a claim at the Court of the First Instance. “Jaoshvili states that the purchase agreement for the shares of the aforesaid group was achieved by deception and coercion. Jaoshvili has cited notary public Meri Gubashvili, who certified the deal, and Giorgi Isakidze as witnesses to his claim. Jaoshvili has also noted that Isakadze attended the signing of the agreement with Joseph Kay,” Birkaia stated.

Birkaia said that the London Court of Arbitration is also considering the dispute over Imedi between Patarkatsishvili’s heirs and the State of Georgia. (Interpressnews)

Parliament approves Ambassador to Azerbaijan

Georgia has a new Ambassador to Azerbaijan. Parliament has unanimously approved the candidacy of Ivane Noniashvili. The Ambassador will leave for Azerbaijan and assume his new office in a few days.

Ivane Noniashvili was born in 1980 in Tbilisi; between 1997-2000 he studied in Turkey, at the Ankara Police and Interpol Academy; in 2002, he graduated from the Georgian Police Academy Law Faculty.

In 2000-2004 Noniashvili worked for the Sakinform news agency in the President’s Press Department. From 2004-2006 he was head of the Organisation Department of the President’s PR Department, afterwards the chief of the Briefings and Accreditation Department of the President’s Administration. From 2006 to present, he has been head of the PR Department of the President’s Administration. (Rustavi 2)

President opens construction of new public building in Adjara

On November 17 the Georgian President opened a new construction project in Batumi. The building has been designed by an Italian architect and construction will be finished in a year.

The House of Justice in Batumi will also include the regional offices of the Civil Registry, Public Registry and Executive Bureau, the regional branch of the Justice Department and the Prosecutor’s Office of Adjara. The building will be equipped in accordance with modern standards, with computers, office facilities, intranet and internet. (Rustavi 2)