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Do you think Georgians are Europeans or Asians?

Thursday, November 19
“Georgia is unique because it is a mixture of these two cultures, and indeed a very interesting mixture. You can’t say it is 100% Asian or 100% European.”
Irina, cashier, 41

“I see Georgia as a European country. There might be something Asian about my country, but from the very beginning it was more Europe-oriented.”
Nino, doctor, 30

“We want to be Europeans but we are too lazy to do it, because inside we are still Asians, with our mentality and way of life.”
Zura, journalist, 21

“We are neither European nor Asian. Our culture and history are so unique that we unite both in ourselves to create our own characteristics which are absolutely unique I think.”
Gvantsa, philologist, 23

“I think we are both. Our geographical position has drawn the relevant features of both cultures into us.”
Ana, student, 19

“We are neither European nor Asian but Caucasian, due to our geographical location and historic past.”
Nino, interpreter, 32

“Of course we are Europeans, at least we should try to become like them.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 23

“Well we try to become like Europeans but if a wife wears a short dress her husband will scold her, so what can I say? We remain typical Asians in our attitudes toward things.”
Levan, manager, 26

“I think Georgians are Caucasians. We have very different traditions and habits and I think we have to protect ourselves and stay Georgian in manner and attitude.”
Lali, doctor, 45