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Ukraine supports Georgia’s free industrial zone in Poti

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 24
Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko is sure that the Poti free industrial zone will further facilitate business cooperation between the two countries. He says that Ukrainian businessmen will actively participate in the development of this zone and adds that his country’s participation in Poti projects has long targeted politics in the transit strategy of the country.

Yushchenko says that the Poti-Kerch (Ukraine) ferry route will become important segment of the free industrial zone project. Full usage of this route will double the transportation between the two countries and decrease the time it takes. The Ukrainian President also highlighted his country’s participation in other free industrial zone projects, underlining the liberalisation of transport practice being discussed between the two countries.

The Poti free industrial zone will cover around 300 hectares. Around USD 200 million will be invested in it for the development of Poti Port infrastructure. The Georgian Government will monitor the functioning of the free industrial zone.