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What has improved in Georgia during the last six years and what has got worse?

Tuesday, November 24
“The worst thing that has happened since 2003 is losing more territory. There have also been some improvements as well, for example the problem of electricity has been solved. But I can also name one big unsolved problem, unemployment.”
Zaqro, architect, 56

“I have seen no improvements during these six years. Unemployment, violence, lost territories. This is all I can remember since the Rose Revolution."
Tamar, shop assistant, 48

“Unfortunately we have lost more territories and still face serious threats from our neighbour Russia. But our living conditions are better than six years ago. We have electricity, our children can enter university without pulling strings and many other things are really better now.”
Mzia, housewife, 50

“I think the situation has somehow changed for the better in Georgia. The fact that we have constant electricity, gas and water has proved this.”
Amiran, pupil, 16

“Well actually there are some things that have improved and others which have worsened in Georgia during the last six years. Changes in the police and the imprisonment of so-called “legal thieves” show that the principal changes have at least been begun.”
Dato, doctor, 36

“Six years are a whole history. I am sorry, but I can’t name any special events which I consider either positive or negative, but something has been done, and I don’t wonder, because changes are inevitable in a normal society.”
Lia, economist, 30

“In my opinion there are some particular positive changes in our country. The Rose Revolution has brought us lots of improvements. But a lot of things are still to be done for sure.”
Nikoloz, lawyer, 25

"During these six years most things have changed. We cannot say that since Saakashvili took power our country has been blooming but I can say that corruption has decreased by a small percentage, we can walk in the streets more calmly and the main thing is that we have light. But his politics I do not like. He cannot say that there has been democracy in this country since 7th November 2008. He defamed himself by doing this and we also remember what was he shouting about six years ago, and most of it he has not done. Also I do not like his politics concerning Russia. I think it is wrong and it seems like the Elephant and Pug and unfortunately we are the pug. I am also ashamed that he idolises America - shame on him and us!"
Vanda, journalist, 25

"The good thing is that he has built new buildings, restored old streets and created a more beautiful country; also the world knows more about us now, although not from a very good side."
Maia , student, 22

"I do not want talk about what he has improved, because I am very angry with him and this Government. How could he name streets in honour of the President of Azerbaijan, and Bush Street - why he did this we all know, shame on him - these people have done nothing to deserve us naming streets in their honour!"
Neli, housewife, 55