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Dashnak Party not happy with Russian politics

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, November 26
The Armenian Revolutionary Federation ('Dashnak') Armenian Parliament faction has said that Russia is playing a game very dangerous for Armenia. Chairman of the faction Vahan Hovhannesian thinks that this will affect the resolution of the Karabakh problem as well as Armenian relations.

Hovhannesian said that the mediators in the Karabakh conflict are trying to impose many concessions on Armenia to facilitate the ratification of the Armenian-Turkish protocols in the Turkish Parliament. He expressed assurance that the Turkish Parliament will not ratify these protocols unless Ankara achieves its goals in Karabakh.

Dashnak Party members have many times highlighted the threat from Russia, in particular in the direction of Turkish-Armenian relations. Hovhannesian insists that Armenia should be very careful and ask its strategic partner Russia to meet all its commitments.