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Complied by Liana Bezhanishvili
Thursday, November 26
Labour Party demands that the Government buy school books

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the Labour Party is blaming the Government for the social divisions among children and demanding that it buy the necessary school books for all children.

Member of the party Kakha Dzagania stated at a press conference on Monday that the Government has only partially fulfilled its previous demand that the Ministry of Education buy school books for all children. The Government has bought books for only the very poorest children, something he said will create further social divisions among children.

Dzagania said that according to the UN only 6% of the Georgian population can afford all the necessary school books. The party demands that the Government creates a school fund which will be spent on purchasing these books.

Will Konstantine Gamsakhurdia become Vice Speaker?

Akhali Taoba writes that Konstantine Gamsakhurdia might be given a new post in Parliament after the Temporary Parliamentary Commission investigating his father's death has finished sitting. The newspaper suggests that Gamsakhurdia will become a Vice Speaker or create a faction, as he now has the necessary resources to do so, with Jondi Baghaturia interested in joining him. Baghaturia considers that not only the creation of a Parliamentary faction but a new minority configuration is possible.

It is well known that Paata Davitaia, a member of the United Opposition from the We Ourselves party, has joined the Central Election Commission. This party presented his candidature after most of the United Opposition parties refused to enter Parliament. The CECís full composition has not been decided yet, and neither has it been decided who will Chair it, but although election campaigning will take place all winter it will not be time to count any votes until summer.

The opposition try to unite

Rezonansi reports that the opposition solidarity charter recently signed obliges its signatories to refrain from publicly abusing each other in the media. It also says that opposition groups will hold bilateral and many-sided discussions behind closed doors and release agreed statements afterwards.

If individual citizens would like to take part in public arrangements specified in the charter they should be free to do so, it says. The charter has already been sent to all political parties in Georgia.

The Labour Party and The National Forum have not signed the document. "Our leaders will explain why after this document has been signed by those who want to," stated spokesperson of the National Forum Magda Popiashvili. Labour agrees with the points of the charter but will not sign it.