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What chance do the opposition have in the Mayoral elections? Should they unite or not?

Thursday, November 26
"Generally I think they have no chance, or rather they have a chance but a very, very small one. Most people are content with current Mayor Gigi Ugulava and I do not think he has outlived his usefulness yet. God forbid if one of the opposition becomes Mayor!"
Linda, lawyer, 33

"I think it will be better if they unite, if they have a united opinion. Their statements must be made by one man who will represent their interests."
Natalia, student, 23

"I think it does not matter because they have no chance and I think they realise this. After the elections they will start holding protest actions again and say everything was falsified and that we must remove this Government but they will be unsuccessful. We will just see them shouting at and abusing the Government. I think the public is already tired of the opposition. So my opinion is that they have no chance and it does not matter whether they will or will not unite."
Elizabeth, lecturer, 55

“I think they only have a chances if they unite around Irakli Alasania. I cannot imagine any other candidate nominated by the opposition as Tbilisi Mayor. The rest have neither the skills nor the authority to run the city.”
Tamar, engineer, 42

“Ugulava’s rating must be very high right now. I don’t know the exact figures but on the basis of his recent activities it must be so. I don’t think any of the opposition candidates will be able to get more votes than the current Mayor.”
Gocha, unemployed, 50

"In the Mayoral election the opposition have no chance to win at present and I think they should unite because this will give them just a small chance. But it will be terrifying if Levan Gachechiladze wins, because he is a bandit and we now what will happen if a bandit becomes the Mayor, corruption and thieves in law: his friends will take over Georgia and everything will be in their hands."
Anuki, housewife, 45

“The opposition should find a common candidate who would be a real competitor for the ruling party candidate. Otherwise they will lose these elections too.”
Giga, student, 20