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Georgians in EU countries

By Messenger Staff
Friday, November 27
Last August the Caucasus Research Resource Centre carried out a study of Georgian people who have moved to EU countries. Most of the respondents answered that they had moved because it was beneficial for them to gain easier access to EU countries.

About 8% of those questioned said that since 1993 either they or at least one of their family members had lived in an EU country for more than 3 months. Their preferred countries were Germany, cited by 23% of respondents, Greece (21%), Spain (10%), France (9%), UK (6%), Italy (5%), Romania (5%) and Belgium (4%). Around 30% of respondents think that if Georgia becomes an EU member migration from the country will increase but almost the same number think it will decrease in this circumstance.

The number of Georgians in Russia or Turkey exceeds the number of those in EU countries. 29% wish to work in EU countries and 37% of people younger than 35 want to study in EU countries. For work people prefer Germany (20%) and for study the UK (40%). Only 8% of respondents want to live permanently in any EU country to obtain a higher standard of living and the opportunity to get more jobs.