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Monday, November 30
Patriarch talks about youth problems in his Sunday sermon

Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II touched upon the problems of youth in his Sunday sermon at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

"Youth – it is happiness. However, it is dangerous too. One of the main problems of our youth is drug addiction. It is a shame, it is a deadly sin. We have to know that our life is not a paradise. It is an ordeal, and we must be ready for the ordeal," he stated.

According to the Patriarch, another great sin is the wrong upbringing of children by their parents, as well as a wrong attitude of children towards their parents. "However, the very important miracle is that our churches are full of people, including young ones, unlike in the years of my adolescence," the Patriarch stated.

The ‘Tract of Unity of Iverians’, initiated by the Patriarch in the town of Mtskheta on the day of ‘Svetiskhoveli’, 14 October, was once again read. The Patriarch called on all Georgians to sign it. Students of the Technical University of Georgia did so on Sunday.

European Society of Surgery Conference being held in Tbilisi

Staff of the Military Hospital of the Georgian Defence Ministry have participated in a conference organised by the International European Association. The 13th Annual Conference of the European Society of Surgery was held under the slogan 'Georgia, the Bridge between Europe and Asia' and aimed to foster relations and encourage exchange of information between surgeons in the West and the Eastern countries of the 'New Europe'.

“The organisation of medical support for massive groups of injured in the Tskhinvali region’s hospital under conditions of active battle” was presented by the Deputy Director of the Military Hospital, Chief Surgeon Guram Gvasalia. He also showed his European colleagues videos depicting the work of the Military Hospital during the August War.

The Conference of the European Society of Surgery was held with the support of Tbilisi State Medical University and the pharmaceutical company Aversi. It officially closed on Saturday.
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Georgian President calls on Georgians living abroad to return

The Georgian President has expressed his concern about the murder of Eduard Gurtskaia, 19, in Moscow on November 23. Mikheil Saakashvili expressed his condolences to the family of the teenager, who was killed by Russian law enforcers.

The President called on Georgians living abroad to return to their homeland, where the Government will provide them with assistance and support. This statement was released by Presidential spokesperson Manana Manjgaladze. She said that the Georgian Government will cover all the expenses of the young man's burial.
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Delegation from legitimate Abkhaz Government visits students in Germany

The Chair of the legitimate Abkhaz Government has visited students displaced from Abkhazia at the University of Frankfurt in Germany. Means of conflict resolution and the current situation in the Gali district were discussed at this meeting.

Gia Baramia promised to accept successful students for employment in the Abkhaz legitimate Government after they graduate. Furthermore, an agreement has been achieved with the administration of the University of Frankfurt that the university will train specialists in the Abkhaz language.

The delegation from the Abkhaz Government also held a meeting with German bankers and talked about allocating loans for IDPs so they could start small businesses. Talks on this issue will continue in Tbilisi as well.

The delegation also attended a concert of Georgian music at the Kloster-Eberbach monastery complex.
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Labour Party wants elections conducted under UN aegis

The Labour Party wants Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Georgia conducted under the aegis of the UN, Soso Shatberashvili, one of its leaders, has told Interpressnews. He added that party leader Shalva Natelashvili has raised this issue at a meeting with UN representatives.

Labour assumes that elections in Georgia should be conducted not by the CEC but by the UN in order for the Government to be changed. To ask the UN to consider this it is necessary to submit a memorandum, signed by all opposition parties, to the UN. This will be the main theme discussed at a meeting scheduled for 13:00 today. Shatberashvili said that all political parties have accepted invitations to attend this meeting.

Church burgled in Kareli

The Church of St. George in the town of Kareli, in the Shida Kartli region, has been burgled. Unidentified people entered the church by breaking a small door some time between 6 pm and 1 am yesterday.

The burglars did not take icons or other sacred objects. However, they took money donated to the church in collection boxes, presumably a few thousand lari.

Teenager, 16, missing for 12 days, being searched for

Ilia Gurashvili, 16, has been missing 12 days from the village of Tibaani, Kakheti region. He was last seen by his classmates at school. Since then, nothing has been seen or heard of him.

Family members find it difficult to talk about the possible reasons for the boy's disappearance. An investigation has been launched.
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