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Do you think that Georgian elections will be fair if they are conducted by the UN?

Tuesday, December 1
"Of course they will not be fair, as they never have been and I think nothing will change. The people, including me, are used to falsified elections."
Victoria, economist, 33

"No, I do not think soOur psychology has been so formed that if it is necessary to elect someone the Government will always falsify the elections."
Vanda, journalist, 25

"No! We had international observers at the last elections and the result was horrible. Falsification occurred at every step. So do you think the public will trust the Government again? It does not matter who is there running the elections."
Maiko, law student, 27

"I think yes, I hope so, because the UN gives me more guarantee, but maybe I am wrong."
Soso, office manager, 28

"I dont believe elections in Georgia will ever be fair. Each Government in this country has always tried to keep power for as long as possible. Our present Government will do its best to continue its term."
Eka, housekeeper, 28

"If elections are conduced by the UN they will be fair I think, as the Government will not dare falsify them."
Gio, student, 19

"It is difficult to say now, but I think that the Government will manage to undertake some kind of falsification, but not an obvious one. They will try to cheat UN observers, as they have experience of doing this."
Nino, pensioner, 54

I do not think Georgia is so underdeveloped that it needs an international organisation to hold its elections for it. If we create a Central Election Commission which will serve the interests of the public instead of a political party we will not need any foreign organisation to conduct our elections.
Lali, economist, 44

I do not think UN will agree to replace the CEC in Georgia. Georgia is not a third world country after all. We should sort out our own business by ourselves, I think.
Tengizi, unemployed, 51