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Who would you vote for as Tbilisi Mayor if the election was held this Sunday?

Friday, December 4
"I would give my vote this Sunday to Natelashvili, as I respect and trust to him very much because he really loves his country."
Mari, housewife, 45

“Difficult question, though I will still vote for Alasania.”
Diana, musician, 29

"I would vote for Alasania. I like this person very much, he is very respectable and I see in him a real political force, which I do not see in others. He is young, intelligent and strong."
Lika, economist, 38

“If Alasania proposes his candidacy, I will vote for him. I think is the best possible candidate right now. He has experience of being in very high positions, so I think he will cope with the Mayor’s job perfectly.”
Tsira, doctor, 32

“I support Ugulava. None of the other candidates have done any real job for the country or the city. During Ugulava's time as a Mayor Tbilisi has become a clean, nice looking city. I like how Tbilisi has changed, I will vote for Ugulava.”
Nana, journalist, 26

“I am not going to vote at all. I have a feeling that my vote does not count in the elections. What is the point of going to the polling station if the ruling party's favourite wins anyway? I prefer to stay at home and enjoy my day off.”
Levan, lawyer, 29

"I will vote for Zviad Dzidziguri, I think that he will be a really good Mayor, I believe in him. He is a respectable and educated person."
Dodo, teacher, 56

"I am going to vote for Gigi Ugulava, he has already proved that he is worthy to take this post again."
Gia, musician, 24