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Do you think the Larsi Checkpoint should be reopened while Russia still occupies Georgian territory?

Friday, December 11
“I am not well aware of this issue but if the Georgian side will benefit, I mean economically, it should open. People living in that place will start small businesses and gain an income. However it is not safe to do this now. I think we should wait some time.”
Neli, housewife, 48

“I think no; we will have a normal relationship with this country only after it leaves our historical territory.”
Gocha, teacher, 34

“It must not be opened, as Russia’s attitude towards our country’s values is absolutely negative. Only if Russia changes its viewpoint should the checkpoint be opened.”
Lasha, programmer, 27

“No one knows when Russia will decide to leave our territories. The Larsi Checkpoint should be opened, it is very important for the economic improvement of the country.”
Lia, housewife, 56

“If this checkpoint is opened it would mean that the Georgia side has compromised and shown that we cannot live without collaboration with Russia. This is not true, we have a lot of allies and will be able to improve our economic conditions with our friends and not our enemies.”
Natia, writer, 29

“I do not think that Georgia should open the Larsi Checkpoint because it is very dangerous for Georgia and especially the people living in that region. We have closed borders and still our enemies cross them and do what they want. If we open this border just imagine what might happen.”
Sandro, pensioner, 69

“I think it should be opened and this should become one of the preconditions of regulating Russian-Georgian relations.”
Marina, teacher, 37