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Compiled by Liana Bezhanishvili
Friday, December 11
Will Imedi be closed down?

Rezonansi reports that as there has been a serious staff reduction at Imedi TV and 150 people have been rendered unemployed it is being said that this channel will soon be closed down. The rumour in media circles is that all Imedi's existing resources will be diverted to the new First Caucasian Channel. It is also said that Imedi has become unprofitable and its position is beyond redemption. All this is categorically denied by the General Manager of Imedi, Giorgi Arveladze, who explains that the staff reduction and reforms being undertaken are part of an 'optimisation process'.

"All another channels are threatened by the fact that Imedi will become the top channel. We are not threatened by anything. We run this station as a business. This is why it is successful and has the highest rating of any channel.

"We have big plans and are doing our jobs with great enthusiasm. By undertaking this process of optimisation we will ensure that the economic downturn will not affect the quality of our broadcasts. Our rating has sufficiently increased for us to gain greater advertising revenue and develop bigger plans," stated Giorgi Arveladze.

Davit Zourabichvili: There is no point in holding a primary

In an interview with Rezonansi one of the leaders of the Alliance for Georgia, Davit Zourabichvili, has said that "If we can convince the public that future local government elections, especially Tbilisi local elections, will be decisive in changing the Government, Saakashvili will not be able to help himself.”

“From the first we have known that The National Forum and the Labour Party will not be participating in the elections, and naturally therefore not the primary either. The Christian Democrats will also not participate in the primary. In such circumstances what meaning does the primary have? Everyone knows Alasania’s rating and we know the ratings of the other candidates. Alasania and our party have said that we will participate in the primary if it is held, but if one candidate has a 12 percent rating, the next 9 percent and the third 8 percent primaries have no meaning.

"The declared candidates so far are Koba Davitashvili and Zviad Dzidziguri. They know very well that their ratings are less than Alasania’s, so why should we hold a primary? We will talk to them. If they resist us, I do not think it will be profitable for them.

"The people demanding the primary know we are not in the position we were in in 2008, when the United Opposition led by Levan Gachechiladze had a high rating among the public. We did not discuss holding a primary then, we just selected a leader. Today we have an absolutely different situation. The public is very disappointed in the radical opposition," said Davit Zourabichvili.

Another candidate for Tbilisi Mayor emerges

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Valeri Kvaratskhelia is preparing to stand for Mayor of Tbilisi. Neutral Georgia has nominated him as a candidate. According to Kvaratskhelia Georgia has no alternative to neutrality and him winning the elections would be a step towards saving Georgia. In the next few days Kvaratskhelia will visit Moscow, where he may meet Alexander Ebralidze and talk about future plans.

"All the candidates presently nominated represent one team, which is divided into opposition and authorities but is effectively the same group of people. This is why we have decided that there must be a genuine alternative candidate who has other principles, other views and other political aims," states Valeri Kvaratskhelia.