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Do you think the Georgian singers who sing in Moscow are Russian agents, as some say?

Tuesday, December 15
"I do not know, maybe some of them are but not all of them, I hope."
Anuki, student, 24

"Of course I do not think this, it is impossible and very much ridiculous. Why the Government says this I do not know, maybe because they want them to return to their own country. Singing is just their job and they are just doing it and there is nothing strange about this. If the Government thinks they are agents, by the same logic all Georgians in Russia are Russian agents. This is very funny."
Neliko, teacher, 35

"This is not true and if the Government want them to return it must not go about it in this way. Everyone knows that in Georgia there is no show business and our actors and singers have very low incomes, but in Russia they have everything so that is why they are there. They are not agents, they just want to give their children a good future impossible in Georgia. If I had the chance to go to Moscow and make real money, I would go."
Nika, lawyer, 43

"I cannot say exactly, but maybe some Georgian singers are Russian agents and shame on them, because they are traitors to their own country. But I do not want to accuse any individual because this information is not confirmed, so I hope it is false."
Ekuna, 29, economist

"I think that such statements should not be made by Georgian Government members. I have never considered them Russian agents. I know a lot of people who have had to go there because of the hard economic conditions here."
Tamar, housewife, 51

"I do not agree with this, there are a lot of Georgian people abroad and it does not mean that they are the agents of foreign countries. Of course, among them there may be several agents, but this kind of general accusation is unacceptable. We could also have agents among us in Georgia, and their number is quite significant, I am sure."
Levan, historian, 56

I think this is just a dirty campaign against famous Georgian singers and actors. Culture has nothing to do with politics.
Nia, teacher, 32

I dont think what they do is a crime, however, if I were them I would prefer to stay in Georgia than sing for the Russians who bombed our country last year. Calling them agents and enemies of the country is an exaggeration though.
Irakli, student, 24

I did not like watching Nani Bregvadze sing for the Russian Government. Of course she is not a Russian agent, but she is very famous and her actions are always a matter of public discussion. She should be more careful, as should others.
Nino, housewife, 45