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Is the economic crisis over or not? Can you bring arguments to support your position on this?

Wednesday, December 16
I think that there is always economic crisis in Georgia and Georgians are used to it. What arguments do you need? If you walk the streets you will realise what is happening in Georgia and who Saakashvili and his Government really are, because everywhere you see poverty and most of the people outside are old people. So how can he talk about NATO or us being in Europe?" As long as this Government is here society will be in crisis and this is very unfortunate.
Lika, writer, 36

"Crisis!? Since the Soviet Union fell Georgia has been in constant economic crisis. I really trusted that Saakashvili would make us more powerful and we would really enter NATO, but I see now that this is impossible, because everything he says is a lie.
Nika, student, 27

"It is a great lie. When there are so many unemployed and so many people being made redundant and so many emigrants from the country does this not mean that there is a crisis? Our Government members lie when they say that the crisis in Georgia has been defeated."
Gia, manager, 34

"These kinds of statements mean that Georgian citizens are being made fun at. I myself can hardly buy the products I need every day; my husband, who is an experienced engineer, is unemployed. The price of products is rising so frequently, and I am not even talking about the price of medicines. Is this not an economic crisis? I ask those who are cheating the people by making this statement."
Eka, music teacher, 38

"I cannot remember a time when there was not an economic or some other crisis in Georgia. We have always had to live this way. The fact is that the country is unstable; we have no regulated economic, political and social systems. To improve the situation needs time, effort and good governance, which to my mind is unimaginable in Georgia."
Nodar, pensioner, 62

"I think that at present the economic situation in Georgia is better than in other, more developed, European countries. The crisis has very negatively affected them, but in Georgia this process is not as painful as in other countries. The crisis is here, but not very significantly. I am sure it will be completely defeated very soon, as our Government is actively working in this direction."
Ina, PR manager, 24