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Compiled by Liana Bezhanishvili
Thursday, December 17
Shashiashvili released the two teens

"Shashiashvili [leader of the White Party] arrived in Vladikavkaz from Moscow. He held telephone negotiations with the famous producer Valery Gergiev. Shashiashvili spoke to him about the release of the Georgian teens in Tskhinvali. He also called Gocha Dzasakhov [as associate of Congress of Alexander Ebralidze] on this matter. The separatist regime released two of the Georgian teens. Shashiashvili held a briefing at once and stated that the teens had been released with the aid of Dzasakhov," Akhali Taoba says in an article headlined 'Tbilisi and Tskhinvali Trade Captives - Temur Shashiashvili in Vladikazkaz Again.'

"Shashiashvili hopes the other Georgian teens will soon be released as well. He is asking for help from his old acquaintances on this matter. He says he had meetings with influential Ossetian people in Vladikavkaz, who told him that no one was closer to the Ossetian people than Georgians but the Georgian authorities had separated them. He even apologised to them for the behaviour of the authorities," the paper says.

Tina Khidasheli attacks Kakha Kukava

In an interview with Versia the leader of the Republican Party Tina Khidasheli has stated: “Our campaign has not been reported by anyone. In summer we continually met people but we saw no journalists at these events. Instead of reporting our campaign they write that there is confrontation within the Alliance. A triple alliance has been formed, first the Government’s agents spread rumours, then its own newspapers publish them and its own TV stations repeat them.

“Kukava has chosen the wrong way. We cannot remain silent about his criticism of us," stated Tina Khidasheli. "He is irritated because we refused to take part in the primaries. [The Conservatives] have realised that they do not exist as a serious political force and it is not in their interests for Saakashvili to be removed but another opposition figure replace him. That is why they are choosing to fight against the person who has a real chance of winning this election. I am not saying that they are acting on the orders of the authorities, but they are not interested in removing Saakashvili unless they themselves replace him," Khidasheli said.

Irakli Alasania’s party members being terrorised

Versia writes that Irakli Alasania has demanded an investigation into the intrusion of unknown persons into the house of Zaza Gogsadze, a member of his party. Gogsadze himself said at a briefing that black propaganda is being undertaken against him and his family. “The campaign against me and my family is immoral and shows the Government’s weakness,” he said.

“I heard a knock, my mother opened the door and armed people entered the house. I do not remember exactly whether there were 4 or 5 of them, they did not have masks but only two had police jackets on. My mother was moved aside; they grabbed my friend and also moved him aside and for nearly 10 minutes they walked through all the rooms, opening all the bookcases. They did not give any explanation as to why they were there and did not show any documents. As they were going out one of them showed me a document but I was so nervous that I could not see it.

"They told me that they were conducting a special operation. It was a very unusual and obscure situation. I do not know why they came; they did not take anything from the house. What were they looking for in my house I cannot say, maybe they just wanted to scare me. I really do not have any other explanation,” stated Zaza Gogsadze.

“I worked as a diplomat from 1991. I was a career diplomat. In 2004 I was the Ambassador Plenipotentiary in Italy. I resigned because my posting was coming to an end. When Grigol Vashadze became Foreign Minister I was asked to return to my old post but declined because of the 7 November and August war. I have been in Alasania's party for 3-4 months but I have had long lasting relations with Alasania and his team," explained Gogsadze.