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Georgia should be part of the Euro-Atlantic security zone

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 18
On December 16 Romanian MEP Elena Basescu stated at a European Parliament session that despite Russia’s influence in the region the EU should integrate Georgia into the Euro-Atlantic security and stability zone. She said that Georgia is very important for facilitating the EU's energy security as the natural gas or oil pipelines passing through this country are directly connected to its stability.

Basescu said that the August 2008 war had shown that any frozen conflict can be unfrozen and thus undermine the stability and security of the entire region. This is why she considers Georgia’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic security zone as the EU's duty.

Basescu also highlighted that it is important and necessary to support the rights of IDPs to return to Abkhazian territory. She also highlighted that granting Russian citizenship to the residents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia gives them extra benefits.

Basescu is the daughter of Romania’s current President Traian Basescu.