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Who do you think played the decisive role in releasing the children from Tskhinvali?

Monday, December 21
“Unfortunately I have been out of the country for a while so I don’t have any specific opinion on this issue but of course it’s great that all the parties involved have resolved this problem without any harm being done to the boys.”
Salome, diplomat, 24<

“I think both sides have managed to overcome the tension and find a wise resolution of the problem. I can’t credit particular people as I am not very well acquainted with this issue but I think this was a very good thing after the August War.”
Nodar, scientist, 51

“Of course I think, and we all know, that Thomas Hammarberg played the decisive role in releasing the Georgian teens from Tskhinvali. We should thank him very much, because I think if he had not come and negotiated with Tskhinvali the teens would be there now and may never have been released.”
Aleko, lawyer, 29

“I think that Tskhinvali was tired of visits from Europeans and therefore decided to release the Georgian children from Tskhinvali.”
Oliko, student, 27

“I am not very well acquainted with this issue but I think that the decisive role was played by the Georgian Government. Maybe I am wrong but I think this is logical. Unfortunately I was out the city and do not know exactly who helped release them.”
Nika, interpreter, 35

“The decisive role in releasing the teens from Tskhinvali, of course and without any doubt, was played by Thomas Hammarberg, EU Commissioner for Human Rights. He conducted the negotiations with the Tskhinvali side and I think they realised that what they were doing was very serious because they have captured children and they probably understood that if they did not release the teens they would have problems with Europe.”
Sani, journalist, 29

"I think the foreign diplomats. If I am not mistaken one of the main persons who played a positive role is Hammarberg. Without his intervention these children would be still detained."
Nona, pianist, 41

"It was not the Georgian side of course; these children’s release was connected with the negotiations held by Thomas Hammarberg."
Tornike, sportsman, 25