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Do you think peoples’ diplomacy between Russia and Georgia will achieve any result?

Tuesday, December 22
“I do not think so. The situation will be the same as it is now. That is my opinion, but I hope that I am wrong, because I hope we can have good relations and there will not be a visa regime anymore.”
Tengo, 37, engineer

“If our President continues to conduct negotiations as he does now, instead of getting a good result, or some result, we will end up with a huge enemy. This is very bad, because Russia is the strongest country in the world and if we make them angry they will start a war which will end very tragically for Georgian citizens, unfortunately.”
Vato, 24, printer

“I do not think that relations between Georgia and Russia will be improved 100 percent but some slight improvement is possible.”
Natali, 39, lecturer

“Unfortunately peoples’ diplomacy between Russia and Georgia will not bring any result. Yes, it is possible, but not very soon, because I think that the current situation is very serious and neither side wants to make any concession. The deplorable fact is that the Georgian people would suffer in the war which is inevitable.”
Nikoloz, 29, doctor

"This is really very important; I know of many cases in which people’s diplomacy played a very significant role in regulating conflicts between countries, for example, between Germany and Poland. And I am sure it will play a positive role for Georgian-Russian relations."
Tamar, 34, historian

"I am not sure it will lead to any positive results, as the Georgian and Russian rulers have very strained relations. First of all, negotiations at governmental level should start."
Tea, 29, housewife

"I think that we should try, as only after this will we see if something will emerge or not. I consider that positive relations between people can resolve many political problems and confrontations."
Gia, 31, musician

“I don’t think people’s diplomacy is enough to regulate relations between Russia and Georgia. People don’t rule either of these countries, but it may have a positive effect in the personal, but not the political, aspect.”
Levan, 35, accountant

“People are the most important component of each country. They have even more power than they imagine but unfortunately they give away this power themselves. I am absolutely sure that good relations between people of different countries are a very important step towards peace.”
Diana, 48, philosopher

“I am an optimist and I am sure that relations between Russia and Georgia will stabilise as soon as both Governments are changed.”
Giorgi, 26, mathematician