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How would you spend your excess money if you had any?

Wednesday, December 23
You give me the money and I will show you how easy it is to spend, especially now, when New Year is coming.
Levan, student, 26

Just as our lovely President does. I would enjoy it very much.
Dani, student, 23

I think I would create some business to make more money than I have and have my own job too. This would be very useful and a great thing for me. But this is just a hypothetical question and my dream.
Nuki, lawyer, 29

"I would lie if I said that I would give it to poor people. I do not know how I would spend it, but maybe on things useful to me and my family. I would create a business. I think this is the best decision for anyone who has this chance.
Nikusha, engineer, 37

I would spend all my extra money on going out with my friends. I dont mean only going to pubs and drinking beer, I mean getting out of the city and spending some time somewhere in a nice peaceful place.
Ika, student, 23

I spend most of my money on clothes, as if you want to buy good quality and good looking clothes you have to spend a lot. Unfortunately I dont have a lot of money but still manage to buy several new items each new season.
Tamta, nurse, 25

I never have any excess money unfortunately. By the end of the month I never have anything left from my salary. Everything has become very expensive, and salaries are still low.
Inga, accountant, 46

"My great desire at the present moment is to have myn own house in Tbilisi. If I have money I will buy it any way I can."
Nika, student, 21

"If I have money I will spend it on my relative, who needs an operation. I will also buy New Year presents for my family members."
Natia, translator, 34

"I will start a business, as I have a plan already, but unfortunately I have not found a sponsor. Even if someone lends me the money I need, I will not be against this."
Gia, economist, 41