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Monday, December 28
Patriarch welcomes the attendance of the young

In his Sunday sermon at Holy Trinity Cathedral Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia ll said that it is Godís wish that so many young people come to the cathedral. No country has so many believers, and thatís why Georgia will survive, he said.

Ilia II also talked about the New Year, saying it is a secular and not a religious holiday. However, it is regarded as a global holiday and we should wish each other happiness on it. "We talk about happiness but not about how we should gain happiness. First of all, we should have love, faith and mercy," he stated.

Ilia II blessed the pupils and teachers of schools 161 and 61, and people of the surname Kikalishvili.

UN Security Council to consider Georgian issue

The UN Security Council will repeatedly consider the Georgian case, Permanent Representative of the UK to the UN Mark Lyall Grant has told the RIA Novosti news agency.

"The Georgian issue remains on the agenda of the Security Council. I presume the Council will consider the Georgian issue repeatedly," the diplomat said, adding that the conditions imposed by Moscow for the renewal of the UN Monitoring Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) were unacceptable.

Grant said that the UK was ready to discuss any proposal which did not violate the territorial integrity of Georgia. He said that Russia and other members of the UN Security Council had different opinions concerning the situation in the Caucasus. The other members of the UN Security Council uphold Georgiaís territorial integrity and do not recognise the 'independence' of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

UNOMIG ceased its operations on 31 October 2009 after Russia vetoed its renewal. Russiaís condition for the renewal of the mission was establishing an independent mission in Abkhazia.

First President's son goes on hunger strike again

Tsotne Gamsakhurdia has gone on hunger strike again. He decided to take this extreme measure after his case was referred to Tbilisi city court.

Gamsakhurdia's attorney has said that her client hopes for a fair decision from the court, which will have to give a verdict within four months.

Law enforcers detained the first Georgian President's son on October 27 on charges of wounding.
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Earthquake reported in Georgia

An earthquake took place in Georgia at 01:55 last night, seismologists say.

"The 'quake took place about 5-10 kilometres from the Dedoplistskaro district, Kakheti region. It measured 7.2 on the Richter Scale. No aftershocks occurred," head of the Seismologist Monitoring Service Manana Dzmanashvili said. She added that no damage had been reported.

Russian journalist discusses situation in Georgia

Russian journalist Yulia Latynina talked about Georgia in her programme the Access Code on Ekho Moskvi radio on Saturday. She highlighted the recent accusation by the Russian Security Services that Georgia is trainings terrorists to attacking energy facilities in Russia, saying that

Moscow needs such accusations to justify a recent intensification of terrorist acts.

Latynina also mentioned the Kutaisi tragedy, in which two people died during the demolition of the Memorial of Glory. Latynina emphasized that the Georgian Government has detained ten persons and dismissed the Governor of Imereti Region following the tragedy. "As for Russia, when the Nevsky Express train exploded due to negligence by special services the Government did not dismiss anyone. The same happened after the explosion in the night club. The Russian Government has much to explain to the people, therefore it is easier to blame Georgia for everything," Latynina said.
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Incident follows ex-Georgian PM`s visit to Kutaisi

An incident occurred during opposition leader and ex-Georgian PM Zurab Noghaideli`s visit to Kutaisi. Members of the Movement for Fair Georgia held a protest rally there and marched to the place where the Memorial of Glory had been demolished by the Georgian authorities. Noghaideli's supporters demanded restoration of the monument and the construction of a church dedicated to St. Nicholas there, however some citizens objected to Noghaideli`s visit and called him a traitor.

The ex-Georgian PM visited Moscow and met Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on December 23. They talked about the reerection of the Memorial of Glory in Moscow.
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