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What is your assessment of 2009?

Monday, December 28
“This year I graduated from university and met an absolutely different life, full of personal responsibilities and financial need, but fortunately I started working as an accountant at one of the business organisations and now I can afford what I like. This year has been really nice.”
Maiko, accountant, 22

“This year was something between good and bad. There were both unpleasant and pleasant events in both my private life and the world as a whole.”
Keti, interpreter, 29

“I really loved 2009. I may seem a bit old-fashioned, but I got married to the most beautiful, clever and successful girl I’ve ever met in my life, so this year will always remain in my memory as a symbol of happiness and love.”
Giorgi, musician, 17

“This year was full of good events, happiness and warm, sunny days, but I hope that 2010 will be better.”
Inna, student, 18

“What can I say about 2009? Everything remained the same as in previous years: low pensions, unemployment, protest rallies. Nothing has been special at all.”
Jemal, pensioner, 67

“It was normal, neither good, nor bad. Nothing changed in my or my family’s life this year. I was expecting that due to the world economic crisis some of us would lose our jobs but this did not happen, thank God. I am looking forward to changes for the better in 2010.”
Nona, salesperson, 50

“I found a new job this year and was very happy about it. I hope next year I will get a salary raise.”
Goga, accountant, 25

“For me this year was similar to previous ones, nothing interesting or peculiar happened. There were three aspects to it, good, bad and normal. But I hope 2010 will be very successful for me, especially financially.”
Nika, student, 24

“Well this year was the best of the best, I found a job and this job is very well paid, I found a wife and she is amazing. That is good!”
Aleko, economist, 28