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Some NATO states think Russia was justified, says Lavrov

By Ernest Petrosyan
Tuesday, December 29
“Some NATO member states actually support Russia's actions in the August Russian-Georgian war”, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated in an interview with Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. He added that these countries provide evidence to support their position from reliable sources. “They understand our actions quite well and say that we had no other way out of that situation. However, they take into consideration NATO and EU solidarity and have to express a different opinion in public, stating that Georgia is the victim,” said Lavrov.

The Russian Foreign Minister also stated that, what happened last August lies on Saakashvili’s conscience and everybody realises this. “If someone needs confirmation, the Tagliavini Commission’s report provides a very comprehensive answer."

“NATO members also realise that there should be stability in this strategically important region. Our partners from the EU are trying to dissuade Saakashvili from the use of force through their monitoring mission. They are monitoring the Georgian military, as we do, and reporting quite alarming things. I would like to repeat that in Washington as well as Europe there is a comprehension that the adventure which Saakashvili undertook in August 2008 cannot be allowed again. Our partners cannot speak publicly about this yet, because they would have to admit their mistake in giving such support to that man, however, we know that they have come to realise this through with their contacts with Tbilisi”, said Lavrov.

“There is also comprehension that the world’s geopolitical map has altered. Now anyone, who seeks to build their career by jumping into the Cold War winners' camp will think several times before deciding to do this,” Lavrov stated.

Georgian political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze has told The Messenger that sometimes politicians and diplomats say things the other side finds pleasant but this does not necessarily mean that this is their position. Fellow analyst Paata Zakareishvili said that Lavrov’s statement is ridiculous. “There is no official source mentioned, and no official statement of a NATO member country which justifies Russia’s actions in the August 2008 war exists,” he said.