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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, December 28
Levan Gachechiladze - I met Saakashvili, why will I not speak to Putin?

In an interview with Kviris Palitra leader of the movement Defend Georgia Levan Gachechiladze has said that there are two ways of fighting against the Government, one being disobedience and street rallies and the other winning Tbilisi at the local elections and dismantling the present regime. “It is impossible to hold free elections nowadays. If this does not change before the election that will be the last point at which the Georgian public is outraged and respond accordingly. This will become the last push of the opposition and I do not think it will end with the victory of tyranny,” explained Gachechiladze.

“The Georgian people have demanded more firmness and energy from the opposition. They have asked us not to be so inconsistent and to take planned actions against the Saakashvili regime. We have said many times that you cannot hold quiet and constructive negotiations with this Government. I must admit that the opposition really had a lack of energy, which is the fault of the public mood but the opposition is part of the public. The people were disappointed because the spring rallies did not bring the desired result. As for the inconsistency of the opposition, this was the result of lack of finance. One more reason for the passivity of the opposition is that we could not manage to agree one firm position, each of us preferred a different way of fighting. The opposition is not united even today,” noted Gachechiladze.

“This Government has not fulfilled the obligations it undertook. Saakashvili was the shining star of the international community and had great status with it, but this is zero today. Russia just ignores Saakashvili’s regime. I am sure that Noghaideli talked to Putin about the interests of Georgia and did not act against the country. I welcome every useful negotiation for Georgia," he added.

"We cannot take Georgia from where it is; we are, and always will be, the neighbours of Russia. Even if they call me the agent of somebody, I will act in the interests of my country, and that means returning our goods to the Russian market, improving the economic situation in the country and reestablishing territorial unity. Without dialogue with Russia all this is impossible. Saakashvili would go to Russia if they agreed to talk to him but Russia will not do this,” states Gachechiladze.

“Of course, if it is useful for my country, I will meet Putin. I have met Saakashvili, so why will I not go to Russia and speak to Putin? The next Government of Georgia will talk to the Russian authorities about the deoccupation of Georgia,” says Gachechiladze.

Okruashvili’s party begin disobey

Akhali Taoba reports an interview with Eka Beselia in which she states, “I have already made the choice between my private interests, securing my family’s safety and the public interest. Although I could have done otherwise I did not compromise. My son and my brother would be free if I had agreed to enter Parliament and was not politically active.”

“I am a danger for the Government because they cannot control or bribe me. Many of the other opposition forces are actually controlled by the Government. It is impossible to change Saakashvili’s regime through elections, and I am disappointed at the actions of international organisations and the diplomatic corps. The people I can rely on are people who do not want to be slaves of Saakashvili and have dignity,” explains Beselia.

“I am going to fight with those who will not reconcile with the Government. I plan to look for like-minded persons. People who come out into the street should not go back home but straight to the building which belongs to them and take Saakashvili out of it,” added Beselia.