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What did you think of Saakashvili’s summing up of 2009 on the Rustavi 2 talk show?

Tuesday, December 29
“Well what can I say about our President’s speech? He acted in the same ironic way as always.”
Lia, doctor, 45

“Unfortunately I didn’t listen to Saakashvili’s speech but I can imagine how optimistic he would have been about our future. I am glad that he feels this way but what about our past, who can change it?”
Mamuka, musician, 26

“I think Saakashvili sometimes loses sight of the line between reality and fantasy, this is his problem when making such speeches. Yes, 2009 was better than the previous year, but it could have been much better. I wish Saakashvili would focus more on our problems than the achievements of his administration.”
Keti, doctor, 31

"I think that many positive steps have been made this year and our President’s role is very significant and appreciated. I agree with what he said."
Tinatin, teacher, 32

"Every time I listen to him speak I am reminded of very famous dictators. There are people in the country who are influenced by Saakashvili’s speeches, but I am not one of them."
Levan, painter, 41

"There were some elements of his speech which I agreed with but some not, like what he said about the demolition of the war monument in Kutaisi. In general though I received his speech positively."
Irakli, pensioner, 56

“I liked the fact that he at last commented on the memorial issue. He was silent for several days and did not make any comments about this himself, only expressing his concern through his press service the day it happened. I think it would have been shameful for the President not to say anything about this tragedy.”
Gia, driver, 49

“Frankly, I was watching that show, but when the President started giving his usual speech I turned to another channel.”
Ika, student, 24