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Compiled by Liana Bezhanishvili
Wednesday, December 30
The number of Georgian citizens will be published on Rustaveli

24 Saati reports that from March of next year Georgia will start issuing its citizens biometric passports. Some of these have already been printed in France.

Chairman of the Civil Registry Giorgi Vashadze has stated: “This is more the Department of Statistics' prerogative, but according to our figures there are approximately 4,300,000 citizens living in the country, though obviously more in the world as a whole. Demographers say that we have 3,000,000 but this is incorrect.

"A universal registration of people will be arranged in the near future. In five years everything will be computerised and everyone will know how many people live in Georgia. A booth will also be placed on Rustaveli Avenue where the registration information will be published every year," Vashadze said.

Pachulia – I do not advise Alasania to participate in the elections

The opposition will have no chance if they do not unite, say all political analysts. According to the head of the GORBI Social Research Centre it will not be enough for them to unite.

Merab Pachulia has told Rezonansi, "Certainly, a single opposition candidate will have more chance, but unity is not enough; they need to work out a serious strategy to gain victory in the Tbilisi Mayoral elections. The joint opposition candidate will have to show people a better plan than the one presented by Gigi Ugulava, as he is able to use all kinds of resources in his campaign. Alasania is the most dangerous figure for Ugulava in the elections but he is not unbeatable. Ugulava’s rating has remained high and I do not advise Alasania to participate in the elections,” he said.

"All the mistakes made by the ruling party have not been caused by pressure from the opposition. The authorities have made these mistakes themselves. The opposition has a theoretical chance, and enough time before the elections, to force the Government to make mistakes. But the opposition is waiting for something… they should work out a strategy. They should say something extraordinary which has never been said before, something attractive,” Pachulia said.

Asked why the opposition has failed to unite when the public has demanded this, Pachulia answered: "Everyone has their own ambitions, thinking they are more important than another person. Everyone has their own interests and patrons, both in terms of supporters or literal financial patrons. Thousands of millions will be spent on the elections, so the opposition has no chance in them. If the Government does not give you enough money to participate fairly, there is no sense in spending the money you have. There is no sense in taking part in such elections,” Pachulia concluded.