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Are you satisfied with the Georgian media? If so, which in particular? What do you think the Georgian media lacks?

Wednesday, December 30
No the Georgian media does not satisfy me because it is not always objective and does not tell the truth sometimes.
Natali, 23, student

Of course I am not satisfied with the Georgian media! Everything it says or writes is always false. This is a deplorable fact.
Levaniko, 31, engineer

Well I cannot say that all the media outlets falsify things, no, but almost all do unfortunately. The media is in a very bad state in Georgia. I like the TV channel Imedi and the newspaper Sakartvelos Respublika, not very much but more than the others.
Elizabeth, 54, housewife

I can say that the media is in the same situation as show business in Georgia, neither is very exciting. And this is very bad because we are talking about joining NATO and being in Europe, so let us live, our dear President, as Europeans! We do not even have freedom of the media and this is very shameful.
Lasha, 43, lawyer

"I am not satisfied, of course, as the Georgian media is not free. The Georgian Government has great influence on it and it is very obvious."
Gia, 34, manager

"There are some TV channels and newspapers in our country which spread falsified news and are controlled by Governmental and foreign institutions I believe, and, unfortunately their number is not small."
Teona, 28, economist

"I am absolutely satisfied with the Georgian media. If we compare the present situation with that of previous years the improvement is obvious. Of course there are some shortcomings, but these are not serious, I am sure; the Georgian media will manage to overcome any difficulties in the nearest future."
Keti, 31, housewife

Well this is quite an interesting issue, especially nowadays, because the Georgian media has unfortunately become biased. The outlets either express Government or opposition ideas. No objective information is being spread by any source, which is of course embarrassing.
Maia, 35, lecturer

I'm not satisfied with the Georgian media. In my opinion Georgian journalists abuse their power. Their news is mostly unreliable and they exaggerate facts to make their journal or article more popular. They must be censored.
Inna, 21, interpreter

Im absolutely dissatisfied with our media. The outlets do whatever the Government tells them. They lack freedom of speech for sure.
Levan, 26, accountant

I like their democratic views, but unfortunately they lack intellectual qualities.
Mari, 23, dancer