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What are your New Year wishes?

Thursday, December 31
“Certainly I wish all the best for myself and my family. That is my first wish!!! I also wish that our country will emerge from crisis and re-establish relations with Russia, because I really do not want a repeat of the August war; they were very terrifying days.”
Mzia, 29, writer

“Best wishes for me only. I am an egotist and another’s welfare doesn't interest me.”
Vanda, 25, journalist

“It is very difficult to answer this question because so many things are in my head. So I will not answer it, and Happy New Year to you and your newspaper!”
Yana, 32, housewife

“I wish that all my wishes will come true.”
Mari, 11, pupil

“I am waiting for New Year's Eve so much but I wish I could have more free time. We have to entertain others at a specially-arranged party but I wish I could have had fun on January 1 and 2 with my friends, that would have been enough.”
Shota, 24, marketing manager

“New Year is my favourite date. Despite the fact that I know some secrets about New Year presents and their givers I still believe in magic and want you all to believe in the beauty of your dreams. Trust me, any wish may come true if you wish it at New Year's Eve.”
Salome, 21, reporter

“I wish for health, peace, love and happy sunny days.”
Inna, 26, interpreter

"First of all, I wish peace and security in the country. At the moment I am a refugee and I know the value of peace."
Tamar, 31, teacher

"I wish good health for me and all citizens of Georgia. After health I wish happiness and money, for achieving our aims."
Gia, 41, worker

"I wish everything the best for me, my lovely people and the rest of Georgia. I wish peace and advancement to our country."
Nodar, 45, historian