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How appropriate were the New Year celebrations in Tbilisi and Batumi in the prevailing political, psychological and economic situation in Georgia?

Monday, January 4
“I always express my discontent about the things our Government does in a variety of directions. This time I will simply say that everything they did was awesome, but not appropriate for Georgia, the country of hunger. I say sorry to people who don’t think they live in an underdeveloped country but I think we have lots of problems and could have celebrated New Year in a more modest way.”
Lali, doctor, 45

“I watched all those events on TV and I must say I liked the Batumi concert but I think our Government could have spent the money in a cleverer way. People are greeting the New Year in camps and shelters without food and warmth. So I think money should be spent in Georgia in a very different way.”
Mamuka, sociologist, 49

“I liked the New Year celebration and joined in with my friends. I danced and sang and had a great time. I can’t say anything about the political, psychological or economic dimensions of it as I am still young and I am absolutely unacquainted with the issue but still, New Year was awesome this year.”
Nutsi, pupil, 16

“I was very proud to see world class singers in Batumi, and it was a pity that I could not attend the live concert. I watched it from beginning to end with great pleasure.”
Tsitsi, teacher, 36

“The concert in Tbilisi was a complete disaster. I cannot remember when I last saw such a tasteless performance in Tbilisi on New Year. Batumi was great. I enjoyed watching it. Tbilisi’s concert seemed so poor compared to the one in Adjara.”
Nino, journalist, 34

“I was surprised to see this huge concert with big fireworks and world famous stars in Batumi. I cannot say it was a bad concert but I think that, as a country still suffering from postwar crisis, we should be a bit more modest.”
Gia, businessman, 40

"When there are so many poor people in the country holding such kinds of concerts and events is really inappropriate. It would be better to give this money to poor people and refugees."
Giorgi, dancer, 24

"Our Government always talks about economic crisis and the high rate of unemployment in the country. If we are such a poor country and need foreign assistance all the time, how can we finance such glamorous events and invite famous people to Georgia? I think that such celebrations, especially after the war, are unacceptable."
i>Gia, pensioner, 56