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Wednesday, January 6
Noghaideli intends to establish Parliamentary faction

Akhali Taoba writes that Ex-Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli seems unstoppable at present, especially as stopping him is not in the present interests of the Government. No one knows where Noghaideli is likely to go next. He met the Prime Minister of Russia at the end of last year and intends to meet the President of Russia this year, he has said.

According to some opposition members Noghaideli is visiting Russia on the order of Saakashvili, and that Saakashvili organised the meeting between Noghaideli with Putin. Noghaideli might also establish a Parliamentary faction on Saakashvili’s instructions. Although this faction has not been set up yet Petre Mamradze, an independent Deputy, has been registered as a member of it. There are several other independent deputies in the Parliament, but high-ranking National Movement members are more likely to join Noghaideli’s faction. It might even contain obscure National Movement members who even their colleagues will not know.

The Government has thoroughly watched the offices of all the opposition parties, and when it saw two Deputies visiting Noghaideli’s office it summoned them and warned them not to. If Noghaideli is really an opponent of the Government his activities will cause great turmoil. Those people who might join his faction will never take steps against their own interest, and have interesting pasts.

Six Deputies are needed to create an official faction in the parliament. According to received information Noghaideli has already found 6 such Deputies, who are just waiting for the right moment to establish it. The title of the new faction has already been discussed.

David Berdzenishvili – the two leading candidates for Mayor are Ugulava and Alasania

Alia writes that according to IRI and NDI polls Saakashvili and the National Movement have a lower rating than the TV stations they control make out.

“It is only 25% in Tbilisi. Gigi Ugulava is working well and he has the highest rating among the possible Mayoral candidates in Tbilisi. His only realistic opponent is Irakli Alasania, whose rating is 4 times higher than that of other oppositional candidates," one of the leaders of the Alliance for Georgia, Republican, David Berdzenishvili, has said.

"There are two leading candidates for Tbilisi Mayor - Ugulava and Alasania. Ugulava has 31% and Alasania 21%. This is what Iago Kachkachishvili's poll says. In the IRI and NDI polls, Alasania has a several percent higher rating. Alasania has a chance to overcome the 30% threshold in force for these elections," Berdzenishvili added.

“Mikheil Saakashvili is unable to stand for President again. Polls are asking people who they think will be the future President of Georgia Irakli Alasania is leading this poll. According to IRI and NDI polls, if an early Presidential election was held today Irakli Alasania would be the only realistic winner. The same polls give Saakashvili a trust rating of more than 60% and Irakli Alasania and Sozar Subari the same rating. These three persons are the leading political figures in Tbilisi and the whole of Georgia,” Berdzenishvili said.

“The National Movement takes the first place among the parties, the Alliance is second, then come the Labour Party, National Forum and Christian Democrats. These are the top five parties. The polls diverge to an extent but give broadly the same picture. If many people participate in the elections the opposition candidate will still win, in the same way Levan Gachechiladze actually defeated Saakashvili by 10% in the last Presidential elections. It depends on the people,” Berdzenishvili stated.

Asked why the Alliance was not taking part in the primaries of Alasania has the highest rating, Berdzenishvili said: "The primaries are not serious. This issue is closed. I do not intend to participate in the primaries of outsiders. Zviad Dzidziguri and the others are the political partners of Zurab Noghaideli. I suppose they will soon figure this out.”