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Entrepreneurs complain

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 8
The Georgian Employers Association has carried out a poll of entrepreneurs. Around 400 of them claimed in the poll that more than three quarters of enterprises are either already in crisis or close to it. Many companies seem to have cut jobs, resulting in a decrease of income for these companies. Most entrepreneurs cite the 2008 Russian aggression as the reason of this economic decline.

The major commercial problems the entrepreneurs identified are a deficit of credit resources, problems with the tax system and the ignoring of anti-monopoly regulations. As a way out the entrepreneurs suggest supporting small and medium-sized businesses, implementing a long term loan scheme and charging lower interest rates on loans.

The poll did have some positive findings. Some investors have remained in Georgia despite the Russian aggression. There have also been cases of big companies being split into smaller ones, which have managed to survive better than the bigger one would have done.