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How will the results of the Ukrainian Presidential elections influence its relations with the West, Russia and Georgia?

Friday, January 8
“Definitely, the results of the Ukrainian Presidential elections will have much influence on Georgia, the West and Moscow. I am pretty sure a pro-Russian guy will come in and I am not glad at all, because he will be The Kremlin’s President and Georgia should not expect anything good from him. It is quite possible that Ukraine will recognise our breakaway territories in future.”
Mariam, dentist, 29

"It is very important that Georgia and Ukraine have same the attitude towards some important regional issues. If Ukraine has a pro-Russian Government this will strain Georgian-Ukraine relations, to my mind."
Natia, manager, 31

"At the present moment Georgia and Ukraine have the common goal of becoming part of NATO. The initiator of pro-European politics in Ukraine has been Youshchenko, and if his policy is not continued and pro-Russian forces come into power, this will negatively influence us, as we will be left without a very important and powerful ally."
Temur, historian, 43

"In my opinion the elections is Ukraine are very significant for the West, USA and Georgia. If they bring a complete change in its present politics and attitudes, this may force Ukraine closer to Russia again, which will cause difficulties with the West and another confrontation in the Caucasus, as Russia will strengthen its position in the region by improved relations with Ukraine, which at the present moment resists Russia's will and desire for conquest."
Nugzar, sociologist, 45

“It will be better ifTymoshenko wins these elections, because she has a more or less good relationship with Georgia and Ukraine will continue to uphold Georgia’s territorial integrity. I am sorry that Youshchenko has no chance of winning again. During his Presidency relations between Georgia and Ukraine have been better then ever."
Giga, bank employee, 24

“It depends on who comes in - if Yushchenko can retain his position I guess nothing will change at all, but if, let’s say, Tymoshenko wins, she will take a more pro-Russian position, which is not so good for Georgian-Ukraine relations.”
Natia, lawyer, 25

“I have no idea what is going on in Ukraine, anyway I do not think that Presidential elections in that country will have a big impact on Georgia.”
Data, student, 23

“I would like Youshchenko to win the elections. He supported Georgia during the August war and afterwards. We should appreciate this friendly relationship between the countries.”
Nana, musician, 40