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Appropriating Georgian properties

By Messenger Staff
Monday, January 11
The further appropriation of the properties of Georgians who have left Abkhazia over the last 17 years has continued with the support and assistance of the Russian occupation forces. This violates all norms of international law and regulations and is absolutely illegal. It could be labelled as anti-Georgian action, thinks Chairman of the pro-Georgian Abkhaz Government Gia Baramia.

Appropriation of Georgian houses and land is in the interests of the occupiers, who are satisfying their greed and russifying Georgian territory. The houses are being given to Russian officers who have settled there with their families.

The separatists, inspired by their Russian patrons, are trying to get hold of different assets in the tourist regions of the occupied territory in different ways. For instance, Russia is promoting as a tourist destination the so-called Upper Abkhazia, the Kodori Gorge. They also plan to make this area a Russian Federation protected zone.

Moscow plans to encourage the promotion of this region through opening tourist centres and routes there. These routes were quite active in Soviet times and there were many connections between the South and North Caucasus. By taking these steps Russia continues to integrate these Georgian territories into Russia, with the ultimate aim of annexing them.