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How would you assess the three candidates for CEC Chair suggested by the President?

Friday, January 15
“Well the only thing I can say about this is that our President seems to be admitting how his administration rigs elections. If he had not been afraid of losing he would have been more objective in choosing the three candidates.”
Merab, sportsman, 41

“I am not very well acquainted with the candidates except Tarkhnishvili, who is absolutely biased and conducts Saakashvili’s politics.”
Levan, accountant, 22

“I would like to give a specific answer to this question but I have no information about any of the candidates. But I have heard both opposition and Government leaders and I can imagine what these three people are likely to be.”
Nino, project manager, 25

“This choice is a part of a dirty provocation from our President who is trying to irritate people as much as he can. This is part of a war between Government and society but we the people will not make concessions and will continue to fight.”
Davit, economist, 58

“I had not heard anything about the other two candidates before, but nominating current Chairman Tarkhnishvili was an absolute shock for me. I did not expect our Government to be so cynical.”
Tamar, teacher, 43

“I think the Chairman of the CEC can do nothing, without sufficient goodwill from the Government. The CEC Chairman cannot change the general situation in the country. It should be changed step-by-step by clever legislative changes.”
Kakha, journalist, 27

“Who cares what we think about them? Nobody is interested in hearing our opinion. Parliament will decide all things as usual. So, there is nothing to say.”
Gizo, pensioner, 65