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Monday, January 18
The next edition of The Messenger will be published on Wednesday, January 20th, following the Feast of Theophany.
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Catholicos-Patriarch talks about kindness in Sunday sermon

Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II has talked about respect for parents and kindness in his traditional Sunday sermon.

"We must know that if we do evil, it will be done to us. If we commit acts of kindness, these will also be done to us. Your children will treat you like you treated your parents," the Patriarch stated.

He added that we must use our time while we have it. "We must hurry to do many things in life. People should hurry to do acts of kindnessí, Ilia II stated.

The Catholicos-Patriarch blessed 11 surnames. On 19 January he will meet his Godchildren at the Sports Palace and bless them.

Russian occupiers enter Georgian-controlled territory

Russian occupiers crossed the administrative boundary of Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia with two armoured personnel carriers and a jeep yesterday and approached a Georgian checkpoint. Russian forces were deployed in the vicinity of the checkpoint in the village of Pichori for 25 minutes and acted defiantly.

After the Georgian police took up their positions, the Russian soldiers left Georgian-controlled territory. Presumably, senior officers were among the intruders and their intention was to look around the territory.
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Asian Development Bank will give $1 billion to Georgia

The Asian Development Bank will make investments of $1 billion in Georgia in 2010-2011, Finance Minister Kakha Baindurashvili said at a press conference yesterday.

The Minister said that the Bank is working in two areas: reconstruction projects and the private sector. The reconstruction projects include rehabilitation of both road and water systems.

Peru and Georgia establish diplomatic relations

On Thursday 14 January Peru and Georgia established diplomatic relations at Ambassadorial level. Through a joint communique signed by the Permanent Representatives of both countries to the United Nations, Ambassadors Gonzalo Gutierrez Reinel and Alexander Lomaia respectively, relationships at the highest level of diplomatic representation have been established to promote the ties of friendship and cooperation between both peoples and Governments in the political, economic and cultural fields.

"The establishment of diplomatic relations with Georgia is part of Peru's policy of strengthening ties in the Eurasian region`, the communique says.
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Elderly woman killed in fire in Tbilisi

An elderly woman has died in a fire in the Avlabari district of Tbilisi. The fire broke out in a private house in Lomouri Street. Only Javaiar Davidov was in the house during the incident.

According to preliminary information an electric stove ignited and the fire spread to the whole house. Fire brigades were able to localise the fire in ten minutes, although they could not save the woman.

The administration of Old Tbilisi district has allocated a temporary shelter for the dead woman's family members and promised financial assistance until the house is repaired.
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Georgian sailors detained in Philippines 5 months ago released

The Georgian sailors detained in the Philippines have been released. The issue has been resolved due to the intervention of Georgian Economy Minister Zurab Pololikashvili, Philippine and Spanish Congressmen and businesspersons.

The protracted trial of the detainees, which lasted more than two months, has concluded. The deportation of the sailors will be undertaken within days.

13 Georgian sailors were detained on August 9, 2009. The ship they were working on was detained by Philippine authorities on charges of arms smuggling.
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Georgian citizen injured in Haiti earthquake

A Georgian citizen was injured in the magnitude 7 earthquake in Haiti. Simon Shamanauri has been taken to the Dominican Republic for an operation.

Shamanauri, 36, works for the Esko international organisation. It is reported that he migrated to work in Haiti a year ago and other Georgians were with him. The Foreign Ministry does not have any official information about other Georgians being in Haiti or any casualties.

The injured Georgian citizen`s health condition is not known to his family as yet.
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