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Thursday, January 21
Tskhinvali-Akhalgori road to be rehabilitated by the end of the year

Rezonansi writes that the Kanchaveti-Tskhinvali road has been under repair since last year. About 200 machines, including tractors and bulldozers, are being used in this work.

Asphalt has been laid on the road from Tskhinvali to Eredvi. The rest of the road will be repaired from spring. According to the project plan the road will be 12 metres wide. The separatists say that rehabilitation work on the further road section from Akhalgori to Tskhinvali, which is practically useless in bad weather, will not be finished in spring 2010 but should be by the end of the year.

"I should say that Akhalgori is very significant for Tskhinvali and Moscow. Today the hottest point in the frozen conflict is considered to be Akhalgori, not Tskhinvali. It is near Tbilisi, only 40 minutes away. Therefore Russia is spending money on controlling Akhalgori.

"Kokoity has been here with Russian officials. They seem to be quick to come and reprimand local subordinates,” an Akhalgori resident is quoted as saying.

Saakashvili will stay as President until 2013

According to political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze, since the rallies which began last April the expectation that the authorities will be easily removed has decreased, Akhali Taoba writes. Bloomberg reports that in a poll with 1,200 respondents 78% predict that Saakashvili will stay in power until 2013.

“Based on such tendencies Saakashvili will be President until 2013. The forthcoming local elections will somehow confirm Saakahshvili in power and the opposition also thinks so. I think this poll can be trusted because since the rallies people's expectations of the opposition have really decreased and now they are sure that changing the Government is not an easy task,” Sakvarelidze has said.

Berezovsky has Patarkatishvili’s assets sequestrated

Kviris Palitra writes that part of Badri Patarkatishvili’s assets have been sequestrated on Boris Berezovsky’s request by a London court. This means that no one will be able to touch this property without the court's permission.

Reports state that the assets in question are those which might become a issue of dispute with Olga Saponova, who had a son with Patarkatsivhili. Berezovsky stated that he and Patarkatishvili were running a business together involving these assets and that’s why part of those assets are his.

A British news source states that the widow of Badri Patarkatishvili, Ina Gudavadze, has stated that Badri and Berezovsky’s businesses were separated during Patarkatishvili’s lifetime.