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How does the level of democracy in Georgia compare with the claims its leaders make about it?

Thursday, January 21
"Every time our Government claims that the level of democracy is very high this is not true, in my opinion. There is no free media in the country, this is very obvious, there is no free court and when somebody talks about democracy, it is really very funny."
Gia, teacher, 41

"The situation in this country in terms of democracy is really improved compared with previous years and our Government has played a very important and positive role in this."
Nino, pensioner, 51

"It is the job of our authorities to cheat the citizens, it seems. I would be glad if there were democracy in the country, but unfortunately there is not. They are saying one thing and doing another."
Keti, student, 21

“Our so-called leader always claims false things. I sometimes feel he is playing a childish game, building and then destroying monuments, moving fountains from one place to another, etc. I have simply stopped listening to his fairy tales about democracy and peacekeeping in Georgia because I think he is a very unserious person.”
Nina, pensioner, 71

“Well the level of democracy claimed does not actually reflect the real conditions in the country. I wonder at how people nod in agreement at everything our authorities claim. It is obvious that everything is wrong in the Georgian strategy for the future. People should not close their eyes and hear all the lies and pretend they are happy.”
Mamuka, economist, 42

“Our Government tries to follow the rules of democracy defined by various international organisations. I realise how difficult it is to build democracy on the basis of another’s example but I hope everything will be dealt with and people will start smiling and being proud that they are Georgians.”
Nino, student, 19

“Well, I can’t say that Georgia has a dictatorship or anything like this. I would like to have more democracy and freedom of speech here, but what we have is not so bad.”
Lado, painter, 21

“Our Government claims too much of course. There are many problems in this respect, but we should not ignore the fact that there are some positive changes going on in the country.”
Tsira, journalist, 30

“I am not a specialist in these things, but what I notice is that the opposition parties are silenced and the people in power have more freedom of speech than anyone else, which already indicates that Georgia has some problems with democracy."
Akaki, sales manager, 24